Sunday, February 17, 2013

I Love to Paint...

Acrylic on Canvas 26"x 32"
Beth S. Macre©2013
...and draw with colored pencils and ink, and sculpt with name a few.  But one day last week, I just wanted to paint with no expectations, except to play with textures, colors, and shapes.  I did buy the canvas to paint something for my son, who needed some art on his walls.  But I also, figured that if he didn't like it, I could put it in my own house. Because I used colors that I like too. I knew that I had to keep my 'girly colors' and subjects out of it, so I decided to go more abstract. I really had fun playing with the design and the textures. I used acrylic paint and Golden's Molding Paste applied with a plastic palette knife.  Adding texture into the paint tinted molding paste with a stiff ribbon with holes in it and a wire screen.  (Next time I'll take some photos of the process.)
My son liked it, so it will be hanging on his wall soon...which I love too!

This needs a title and I'm open to suggestions. Anyone?

I Love…
To Paint


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