Thursday, February 28, 2013

Did I hear Snow?

Private Commission
11 x 14 Pen and Ink
Beth S. Macre ©2013
I love snow. Love to watch it snow! Love to take pictures after it snows. I just finished this commission of this house in the snow. I like the contrast between the white of the snow and dark parts of the house. It reminds me of how I love snow.  And I would love to have one good snow before Spring.

It is the end of February, so I am hoping March will bring more sunshine.  I've been feeling the winter blahs. Not the blues, but I'm just feeling the urge to get outside, go for walks, and start planting flowers.  We haven't had any extreme winter weather, but we haven't seen much sun lately either. Just cold, dreary, rainy days.  I heard there is a chance of snow flurries, tonight and tomorrow morning, the first day of March. It would be nice to have one nice snow and then get on with Spring!


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