Friday, September 14, 2012

Pallette of Color for Early Fall

Cindy's Pallette
Oil paint
The weather is finally cooling off and beginning to feel a little 'closer' to fall.  At least we aren't experiencing 90's and 100's everyday like we were for so long.  I love this time of year. I have been busy creating and doing some much needed fall clean up around the house and outdoors.  So I haven't posted on my blog lately.  But I'm going to change that!  Even if its just a simple photo post for the day. 

The photo today is of the oil paint pallette of an old schoolmate's.  She is a longtime dear friend who has a heart of gold.  And now after all these years, I find out that she also is a talented artist.  I knew that she played around with painting, but I saw her studio recently and I realized how talented she is.  Maybe later she will give me permission to post some of her oil paintings.  This pallette was in her studio and I took a photo.  I thought it was very interesting and a little like early fall!

I'm preparing to go to a colored pencil workshop this weekend. I am looking forward to that because I haven't given my colored pencils much time lately!  I love colored pencils.  Most people don't understand the interest in colored pencils for professional artists, but unless you have tried the professional brand colored pencils or unless you have seen some of the amazing artwork that can, and is, being created by colored pencil artists, you would probably question it. It is not just a school supply anymore. There is even a International Organization ( CPSA ) that is devoted to promoting Colored Pencils.  I am a member of that organization. I am also a member of the Memphis Chapter of the CPSA and we are having a cp workshop this weekend.  In the workshop that I am going to, we will be learning about experimenting with unusual surfaces and techniques to add to the colored pencil experience.  I will post some pictures next week about my experience at the workshop and hopefully something that I learned...or learned not to do! 

Have a nice weekend!

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