Monday, April 16, 2012

Mixed Media and Countdown to Summer Break

Summer break is coming much faster than I realized! Last week I counted the weeks and thought that we still had 7 weeks, but last week I was told it was 5 1/2 weeks (not counting this past week)! Last year we went to school into June because of snow days that we had to make up. This year we started school a little earlier and had no snow days...obviously, because we had little, if any, winter weather.  So it won't be long before I will have more time at home to create!

Today I just thought I would share a mixed media project that I created as an example for a student project at school.  We did a mixed media collage, using magazines and acrylic paints.  Since I create my little clay houses and clay house tiles, I decided to create a house with a fence and tree.  I used a stack of my favorite Arkansas magazines (At Home in Arkansas) to cut out Arkansas details, words, maps, and colors to put together to create my image.  I included a tree and since I have been doing owls, I had to include a little owl.  I painted a little mini owl and cut it out and put it into the tree.

At Home in Arkansas published some of my little clay houses a couple of years ago (June 2009). You can see it here: Cottage Industry in At Home in Arkansas. 

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