Sunday, January 29, 2012

Something in Color!

8x8 inches - Colored Pencil
Beth S. Macre  © 2012
Seems that I am always drawn back to color.  I've worked a lot with pen and ink, especially during 2011, but I just finished a colored pencil drawing of a dog!  It was really nice to use some color for a change.  This is a picture of Dupree.  It is 8x8 inches on Uart paper, using Prismacolors.  It was fun to do.  I'm still doing pen and ink drawings, but its always nice to mix it up a bit and have some variety.  I will definitely be adding more color to my palette this year.
Thanks for looking!



  1. Awesome, friend!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! You are so talented....

  2. Thanks friend! Happy to have such supportive friends! ♥

  3. I must say the fact that it is done with prisma colors shows you have talent. Heck if I tried it would look like a kindergarten coloring project.

  4. Great to see all of those colours in his fur. What an interesting expression to capture - makes me want to know what he was thinking! :-)


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