Monday, January 16, 2012

The Calendar says January...

...but the weather doesn't really say January! So far January has been fairly calm, weather wise anyway. Temps have been up and down, but not extremely cold. That's fine with me, but I do love snow and would like to see at least one or two good snows this year! Before the holidays we had two snow showers that covered the ground, but not the roads.  Snow days are really good days for some good creative time.

So this weekend was a three day weekend, in celebration of the Martin Luther King holiday.  Friday was my birthday, so it was a good start to the 3 day weekend. But it is almost over. I started a dog portrait commission this weekend. I know that is different for me, but I am enjoying it and hope to work on more samples so that I can start doing more pet and people portraits, not just home portraits.  The dog portrait that I am doing is being drawn in color with colored pencils.  I will post pictures after the customer approves the portrait and the recipient has received the gift!

Pen and Ink House Portrait
 Beth S. Macre© 2012  
I have finished one pen and ink commission early in January and have a few more orders that I can work on in the next couple of months. But I am excited to work in color for a change! I guess that is why I do so many different media and styles. I like variety!


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  1. Hi Beth. I just love your home portraits. Brilliant work.

    Hope the weather stays mild for you. We are having a cool summer this year.


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