Monday, December 26, 2011

The Christmas Trees and Creative Wrapping

The Christmas tree doodles were created for samples for my students. I wanted them to created 'non-traditional' but creative Christmas trees. Not the typical tree with lights and ornaments. 

Colored Pencil Heart Tree
by Me
Acrylic Painting Starry Night Tree
by Beth Macre
The gift wrapping was done by my daughter. This is her creative outlet. She loves to make pretty packages. She used an idea that she found on Pinterest.  The idea is to use yarn, instead of ribbon on the packages.
She did a great job and most of all...I didn't have to wrap one present!

Packages wrapped by my daughter. 

Pretty Packages under the Tree

By now, all of the packages have been opened. 
Hope you all had a nice Christmas and best wishes for the New Year. 


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