Friday, July 22, 2011

Back home for a few days...

Dallas, TX

...from the CPSA convention and exhibition in Dallas, TX. That is the Colored Pencil Society of America, for anyone who does not know what CPSA is.  This year the convention was held in Dallas, TX where it was a balmy...well...just plain HOT... 100-105 degrees every day that we were there.  But it was just as hot back home in Arkansas, so I couldn't escape it!  But I was indoors most of the time anyway.

The convention was very nice, as usual. I spent the entire week with artists from around the country, who have similar interests as me. I also made some new friends that I look forward to staying in contact with.  I really believe that artists who belong to the CPSA are the friendliest bunch of people! I enjoyed the entire week, but was ready to get home to rest.  But I am off again this weekend to go visit with family, so this post will be short.

We made a side trip on Friday to the butterfly garden in Dallas.  We took pictures for as long as we could stand being in the butterfly room. We took a lot of pictures, that i expect to see some in future works of art.  It wasn't too bad, but it was a little muggy in there.  We had to get back to get ready for the awards night banquet.

View the award winning entries here:
It was a beautiful show this year. Next year the show will be held in Cincinnati. I look forward to going to that one and seeing a part of the country that I haven't seen!



  1. It is hot everywhere I think Beth! We are getting record temps up here in Ottawa Canada!!!! Yuck. The exhibition space looks fabulous. And lucky you to visit a butterfly garden. Hope you are able to get some rest, summers can get so busy. Planning for Cincinnati already? :-) Why not?

  2. Hi Teresa! So what are the record temps in Ottawa? And yes, I hope to go to Cincinnati next year. Its within driving distance, so that is a good thing.


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