Saturday, May 28, 2011

One more week...

...and I will have more time to sleep, play with clay, draw, paint, and maybe even take some time to clean the house and paint my studio! I've been avoiding that last one for a long time now. If you knew how much stuff is in my studio, you would understand! If you are an artist, you understand! It is definitely due for a good clearing out of things that I don't use anymore, but that takes time to go through and decide what to do with those things that are perfectly good art supplies!

Mixed Media Collage
Acrylics, paper, and feathers
So for now, I will just share a couple of photos of projects that I have been working on at school with my students.  The Altered Book project is a work in progress. And the Mixed Media Project might be finished. You never know when I may decide that it needs something else.
Have a great weekend!

Altered Book pages
Some progress...but not complete

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Adding a New Blog... my list of things to do! Yes, I know what you are thinking, if you have kept up with this blog! When do you have time to keep up another blog? Right, well sometimes I get so busy with school related stuff that I don't have time to work on my own art, but there are so many cool things that my students are working on and I wanted to have a place to share some of those things.  I also create projects for demonstrations for my students, so I think this new blog will be a better place to post those pictures. So this new blog , Mrs. Macre's Art Room, is going to be about what goes on in my Art Class. I have been teaching for 28 years, and so many people that I know have no idea what we do, or how talented my students can be.  So I hope that you will check it out occasionally.  Right now it only has one post, but I hope to go back through my files and add some pictures from the past and add new things as we go.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Yellow Rubber Duck ATC

Yellow Rubber Duck ATC
Colored Pencil on UArt paper
Beth S. Macre © 2009
Just thought I would share a colored pencil piece that I did over a year ago, but never posted it, for some reason.  Anyway, I painted a dog portrait for my niece with the yellow rubber ducky. I enjoyed painting it so much that I drew it for an ATC exchange a while back.    At the time, I planned to do some more things using the Rubber ducky theme, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.  I think I will try to do something with soon.

Have a great Friday!  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It Makes a Village...

...well, if I put together all of the little houses that I have made over the last 2 years, I would have a pretty good size village!   I haven't had much time to make many new houses lately, but I did manage to get a few done this month.  Two of these are now listed in my Etsy shop.  The third was a custom order.  I will be working on more new ones very soon.  I am also working on some new accessories to add to the collection.

Miniature Clay Heart Home
Miniature Clay Heart Home
The last one shown here, is a custom ordered Heart Home.  The customer showed me one that she wanted hers to look like, but she wanted it personalized.  I have a custom order listing in my Etsy shop for larger houses or I can create a custom listing for my customers who want to order special details to a smaller heart home or add some extra accessories that I do not have listed.

Custom Order that is Personalized on the side.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Countdown until School is Out for the Summer!

Letter Heart Magnets
...11 more days with students (I'm not counting the weekends!), plus 3 days after that for teacher in-service and wrapping up the school year.  Seniors finished up their tests earlier this week, so it has been a little quieter around the school.  So I am ready for summer break to get here so I can get started on my 'to do' list.  Each year I make a list of things to do. Some get done, some don't, because the break goes by so fast! And next year we will be starting back to school a week earlier, so the break will go by even faster!  But, I plan to use a lot of my time working on art projects and getting my studio re-organized.  It looks like a hurricane went through it. Maybe I will post before and after photos! We'll see.  I have several things to list in my Etsy shop. Mostly little houses and little heart magnets. I paint letters on the little hearts and put a magnet on the back.  I'm going to list these in my Etsy shop as soon as I can.  I will be taking special orders for these as well.  So if you see a color or design that you like, but need a different letter, just send me a 'convo' through my Etsy shop or my Facebook page. I will be happy to make you one or several!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Rest...

Custom Pen and Ink House Portrait
Beth S. Macre © 2011

I guess I could have taken my husband up on the offer to go to J'town and go out to eat, but honestly, I just wanted to spend my Mother's day doing nothing. Well, nothing except relax at home.  So that is what I'm doing.  I felt like I just needed some time to relax! I've spent the last several weeks rushing around trying to get things done for work and I actually feel like I can rest today without feeling guilty about not working on something on my 'To Do list'.

Last year on Mother's Day, we were at the Dunwoody Art Festival, in Georgia.  We had a wonderful time and I would love to be there this weekend too, but it just didn't work out for this year.  It's probably a good thing that it didn't work out, because I have been working, it feels like, non-stop, on commissions, as well as school projects.

One of my latest pen and ink portraits is posted here.  It is a house that is going to be moved or torn down to make room for a new house, so the customer wanted it to be preserved in a drawing.  I completed another pen and ink portrait, just yesterday, that I will post later.  It was a commissioned piece for Mother's Day, so I will wait a bit.
Hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day, doing what you want to the most!
Have a great weekend!

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