Friday, April 29, 2011

District Wide Art Show

So another hectic week has passed.  Thursday was the 2nd annual district-wide art show.  All of the art teachers at the different levels collect their best artwork throughout the year and display them all together.  We also feature entertainment by the districts choirs, bands, and the ballroom dance students at the high school. We had a great turnout of parents, students, teachers and people from the community.  I was exhausted from hanging the show, then attending the event, then taking everything down.  The artwork had to be taken down last night, because the multi purpose building is also being used for the Prom this weekend, so decorations had to be finished today. But it is all worth it for the community to see what talent our students have.

Art 3 and 4 Artwork

Art 2 Artwork
3D artwork and Classroom Mural
by 8th graders...students of Ms. Barnard

Me with the Middle School Art Teacher, Ms. Barnard
Our Superintendant speaking with one of our City Councilman.

BHS Students Admiring Artwork...and posing for the camera!

So this is what I worked on all week and wore myself out!  Looking forward to spending the next week with my Seniors for the last time!  Always bittersweet!

Have a great weekend!

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