Friday, January 21, 2011

Did I mention that I Love Snow?

I have another long weekend, thanks to the snow day that we got today.  The snow started falling Thursday around noon.  Once the sleet and freezing rain switched over to snow, our students really started getting excited and totally focused on when they would let us out of school.  Of course, most of our students have little experience driving on the frozen stuff, so I had to agree that we needed to let school out before the roads got too bad.  Finally the word came that school would let out at 2:20. That's less than an hour early, but I guess its better than the usual 3:15.  I went out to my car to clear off the windows about 1:30, but had to clear them off again at 2:25 when I was leaving the school.. The snow was coming down pretty fast. Well, I'm sure that I've mentioned before that I do LOVE snow! I love to watch it snow, I love to photograph the snow...I just love it. But I do know that I would not love to live in the North where they have to shovel the snow, because it doesn't melt before the next snow.  Around here, it snows, we enjoy looking at it for a few days, if we are lucky, and then it melts.  We may get one or two good snows (where everything is covered with the white stuff) during a good winter.  The sun came out for a little while this morning, but don't let the road fool you, it was covered with ice. The temps were very cold last night, so the roads were pretty slippery this morning.

So Friday, on my snow day, I just felt like taking it easy and enjoying the time off.  Saturday, I hope to be able to spend the day working on some art projects that are waiting for me.

Hope you have time to be creative this weekend,

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  1. Hope you have an inspiring weekend, Beth! Happy Creating! ♥♫♥


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