Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pen and Ink House Drawing

Private Commission ~ Pen and Ink
8 X 10 Pen and Ink in Frame
I've drawn a few homes and businesses over the years. Many of them have been done with black pen. This one is my most recent home drawing commission. I have 2 more orders that I will be working on over the next week.  I love drawing houses and architectural structures, as you can probably tell by looking at my artwork.  Many buildings, parts of buildings, plus the many little houses that I have created out of clay.  Yeah, I probably should have been an architect.  But I didn't go that route.  Sometimes I wish that I had, but this is pretty interesting to draw and paint and sculpt them.  So a realtor, who happens to be my neighbor, commissioned me to do this drawing for her client, and she has ordered 2 more drawings. So you will be seeing more pen and ink artwork soon.

As for the supplies that I use, I prefer a smooth acid free paper (this one is Strathmore Smooth Bristol 100 lb.)  and I use a variety of black pens, but for commissioned artwork, I use either Zig Millennium or Pigma Micron, in different sized tips. Both of these types of pens are acid free, lightfast, and waterproof. So these drawings should last and last!

So enjoy and I hope to show you more next week!


  1. exquisite work Beth. I too love drawing homes/buildings.

    Great job. Look forward to seeing your next 2 orders. are they homes too ?

    Great job.

  2. Congratulations on your commissions Beth! I am sure the homeowner is delighted with this piece. Great frame choice.

  3. Thanks Dors! Yes, 2 more houses and a church.

    Thanks Teresa!


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