Monday, July 19, 2010

Latest Pen and Ink Drawing and Facebook

I'm feeling like a broken record this month! I have had more pen and ink commissions come in this month than I have in a few years!  This is my latest.  I guess that word of mouth is partly the reason for the sudden interest in the pen and ink drawings.  But I love it and these little house commissions are only 8 x 10 inches, so they do not take too long to complete.
The great thing about these pen and ink drawings is that I only need a few materials. Black drawing pens and a good drawing paper. My favorite pens include both Zig Millineum and Sakura Pigma Micron in several different sizes. My favorite paper for these drawings is Strathmore Smooth Bristol Board. I love it because it is smooth and the pens do not get caught on the texture of the paper.

I also post photos of my latest work on Facebook , on my 'Fan Page' (separate than my personal page).  And I have found that it really makes my artwork visible and makes people aware of what I do.  So, I have found it beneficial to participate in the 'social networking'.  Although, at first, I found it very difficult to post pictures of my work, so publicly! Its still difficult, but its getting easier.  Some people that I know from everyday life, have told me that they did not know that I was an artist!  So that is a positive thing and I get good feedback on my work from people that I have, or someone that I know has, some connection  with.

In other news, I am also still working with clay. I have been accepted to show and sell my work at the Norcross Art Festival in Norcross, GA in October, so I will be busy behind the scenes working on many, many more clay tiles, houses, ornaments, and more! The photo to the left shows some beads that are in the process of being glazed.  The beads are added to the hanging houses and ornaments.   I will post more photos as I go.  I'm beginning to get a little panicky, though....I realized the other day that I only have 3 1/2 weeks until I go back to work to my full-time teaching job! So I have to get as much done now as I possibly can.  I always feel this panic about this time, though.  Lots to do and not enough time to do it in, but I am so thankful to be able to do what I love. 
Stayed tuned for updates! ~ Beth

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  1. hey Beth
    beautiful art work. I really love the pen and ink art, that is what I enjoy doing the most. I am a freelance tshirt art designer for screen printing companies, it's fun and pays the bills but i wish i could do just pen and ink work. Below is a url to my art gallery if you want to see some of my work. Have fun and enjoy your talent.
    Dennis R. Smith---Freelance Artist


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