Sunday, March 7, 2010

I've been out of town this weekend, visiting family and delivering artwork to a new gallery/art boutique that will be opening soon. The grand opening is this Saturday. I am pretty excited about this. So watch for updates soon about the Second Saturday Studio. I will post some photos of the paintings that will be for sale. If you follow the link to the blog, you can read more about it now.
Stay tuned for more to come! ;-)


  1. How nice Beth. Good Luck and I hope you have many sales.

  2. Beth, I was down at Second Saturday this afternoon, helping Kelly 'do' things. I'm her mom. Just wanted to tell you that your little houses are just the cutest things!!! Looking forward to meeting you...pat

  3. Thank you Dors!

    Hi Pat! Thank you so much and I look forward to meeting you too!


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