Monday, February 1, 2010

Snowy Weekend!

We rarely get snow, but we had a snowy Friday that ended up looking like this photo by Saturday morning. I love snow! I don't have to deal with it all the time, so its not so bad to get a pretty snow once or twice a year around here. I don't have to get out in it because school has been closed for 2 days and will be closed again tomorrow (Tuesday).

Because of the time off, I've been able to get the three Extra large houses finished. Now they have to dry and get fired and glazed. These large houses get much more detail than the mini houses. They were fun, but much more time consuming! Here are a couple of photos.

Here the walls are going together. I had my husband take photos when I put the walls together, but...the memory card was not in the camera! So, maybe next time I'll get it!

And here are the 3 houses. Next I will fire them, glaze them, and they will be done.

If you double click on the photo, you can see a larger version. I know its a little hard to see in this small photo.

So I'm thinking that I might make some that are 6" or 8" tall. I think they would be less difficult to get together. You know, its funny how one idea leads to another! This all started with a clay tile with a fish, that led to a tile with a doghouse, that led to a whimsical house, that led to a mini house made from clay scraps...

Happy Snow Day!


  1. I love snow and we get it all the time. :-) Enjoy! The houses look fabulous and big. Wow. And yes, one idea does lead to another...wonder what else might be ahead (besides the 6 or 8" ones)?

  2. Hi Teresa! I'm glad to hear you say that you love snow too, even though you get it all the time.

    Thank you and thanks for stopping by!


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