Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fanpage on Facebook...

...well I actually did it. I created a fanpage on Facebook. It seems really odd, but I've decided that if I really expect to make a full time business out of my art, I must promote myself. That is one of the hardest things that I've ever done! I have always been well...the quiet, shy one. At least that is how my friends and family used to know me. I do not find it easy to talk about myself, especially in a positive way. However, over the last several years, I have gained more and more confidence in myself and my art. And with being an art teacher for 27 years, I've also learned to get over being shy. I don't think of myself as shy anymore. Quiet yes, but not shy. When I say quiet, I don't mean that I don't talk, I just don't feel the need to talk all the time.

So, with that said, if you want to follow me on Facebook, please do. You certainly will not get inundated with constant updates on my status or invitations to all kinds of things. I do plan to use my Facebook Fanpage to post pictures of what I'm working on currently and give information about where my work will be available to see or to purchase, if one so desires! Many friends and long time aquaintances have not really had any way to know what kind of art that I do create. If you have read this blog very much, you might realize that I have a little ADD...attention deficit disorder...because I work with several different media and a couple of styles. My work ranges from detailed colored pencil drawings, detailed architectural pen and ink studies, to whimsical and some abstract paintings and creations in clay. My clay pieces also tend to lean towards the architectural subjects...mainly houses. I blame my ADD on being an art teacher and the need to learn and teach a variety of subjects, techniques, and media. Depends on what I'm in the mood to work on, or what a customer may have requested.

So, now that I have 'talked' more in one day than I usually do, I hope that you will 'be a Fan'!

And to those who are already followers or fans...
Thanks for your support!


  1. Hey Beth, congrats on the fanpage! I was thinking about doing the same thing. Very cool!

  2. Hi Gemma! Thanks and you should definitely have a fan page! Be sure and send out invites!

  3. Your talents are endless. More amazing work.

    Beth I have a lovely Sunshine Award for you. You can pick it up at my blog site.

  4. Glad to know you have a fanpage now. The mini houses that I ordered were a big hit! Thank you for your comments on "Looking South." The unique perspective is exactly why I wanted to draw it. It is always fun to meet someone who loves architecture and uses it as the subject for their art.


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