Monday, January 18, 2010

Sale in Original Etsy Shop

Etsy Shop Sale

$50 purchase...FREE Shipping!

To go along with the celebration of my birthday, I am having a sale in my original Etsy shop. I have marked everything down in the shop and I am offering Free shipping with a $50 purchase. This shop has paintings, drawings, and fish tiles. I have been so busy working on clay houses that I offer in my 2nd Etsy store, that I have not promoted this shop, Beth's Art and Clay Designs, much at all lately, so I thought I was time to offer a sale and give it some promotion. If you stop by my Hearthome shop on Etsy and make a $50 purchase, mention that you saw this promotion, and I will give you free shipping over there as well! Come check out the mini hearthomes that I've been creating! New designs will be listed soon!

So stop by and check out what I have in both of my shops! Celebrate my birthday with me!



  1. I love your page! So good to see someone on here that I know! You're artwork is so adorable! I look forward to reading your blog!


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