Sunday, January 24, 2010

Custom Homes in Clay

My apologies for being very quiet lately! I was contacted by a new customer, who wanted some hearthomes, but she wanted larger homes. Ok, I can do that. She ordered 3 very large, 17 inches!, homes. So that is what I've been working on for the past 2 weekends. I'm about half done. In between working on the large houses, I've been working on some mini hearthomes. I will be participating in an Art Festival in Georgia in May, so I have alot to create by then. I need to have enough to make a good display for this festival. It will be my first! So, I will try to keep up with updating what I'm working on for the next few months.
So here is a sneak peak at one of the large hearthomes...
...I will post photos of the finished version when it has been fired and glazed.
Looking forward to a possible snow day tomorrow to work with paint and/or clay! Its already sleeting!


  1. I like the larger size! Your homes are amazing! You do such a clean and meticulous job with the clay. I love seeing the work in greenware before the colors go on. When a piece looks impressive without colors, it shows what a great sculptor you are. Just Lovely!

    I've worked in ceramics the past 13 years (I don't work without a mold!!) and can say you must be a very relaxed person. Dealing with fired colors on such small pieces! On top of it you create what your working on! I am so impressed!!

  2. Thank you Brenda! I appreciate the compliments. I love working with clay and paint and colored pencils.... haha...I love it all. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Beth,
    I have just found your blog and your work is wonderful. I draw architecture in pen and ink and am always drawn to all "things architecture." Your houses aren;t just colorful--they are so happy. Please do let us know how the Georgia festival goes; and please show us pictures of the finished 17" houses. Thank you for sharing your work,

  4. Thank you Melissa! I appreciate you stopping by. I have always been drawn to architectural things too. I've done several pen and ink drawings of houses and buildings around town oo. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Just stopping by to let you know you're the winner of my recipe box! Congratulations!

  6. Fantastic! This is so cozy and inviting. I'm also a fan of your craftsmanship. It's clear that you really care about your pieces. Kudos to you!


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