Saturday, September 12, 2009

Squares, squares, and more squares...

I've just finished painting a large canvas with squares! Sounds silly, but it is for the wall of the children's sunday school hall at my church. They are remodeling the hall and I was asked, by a friend of mine, to paint squares on this canvas. The open house is tomorrow, so it had to be done today! So that is what I spent my day doing. Its simple and abstract, but it will look cute with all of the other decor and colors that have been used. We also made some painting with the children's handprints on two large canvases. Those canvases will also be displayed on the same children's hallway. I have photos of those being created. I will post them later.
I'm pretty much finished with my cafe drawing. I will get a photo of the finished painting as soon as my time and the weather permit!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. Oh the children will love this on the wall. Great job. as you say simple but very effective.


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