Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Newest Mini Hearthomes...

I glazed and fired some mini hearthomes this week and I will be listing them in my etsy shop too. I chose fall colors for the season. I'm looking forward to having some fall weather soon and seenig some color in the trees. Its one of my favorite seasons of the year...except the allergies that come with it!
Oh and if you want to see them close up, just click on the images!

Little mini row hearthouses.

Birdhouse Tile

The birds need some hearthomes too! I wish the little bird that sleeps on our porch could find a home like this! He sleeps perched in the corner of the ceiling of our porch every night! Not in a nest, just perched on the top of the column.

Fall colors Hearthome tile

I'm finished with the French Cafe in colored pencil and will be starting another colored pencil piece this week. I will post some updates as soon as I can. I'm on a tight deadline for that one. I hope I can get it done for the show next month! But for now, I'm sitting with a heating pad on my neck. I've pulled a muscle or something and its trying to tighten up on me. Its difficult to draw with tight muscles!

What is your favorite season?



  1. Hi Beth, Wow, what a cool blog. I like these heart homes! Your drawings, doodles and work are quite festive!

  2. Hi Peggy! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh love the fall colors in your heart homes. They look gorgeous.

    My favourite season. Autumn because I love the rustic colors of the trees. I also love the Spring when all the blossom comes out.

    Your work is so beautiful.

  4. I love the rustic colors of fall too Dors! And in the spring, its so good to finally see the blossoms! Its nice that we have the differents seasons to look forward to, isn't it?

  5. Bellissime! Complimenti!
    Veronica - Italy

  6. Thank you Veronica! I appreciate the compliment and thanks for stopping by!


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