Sunday, July 12, 2009

Moving, moving, moving...

...I feel like I have moved so much, but actually I have lived in the same house for 13 years, and probably will stay in that house for several more...if not until I die! But my children are in college and they move in and out of apartments, dorms, etc...on a regular basis! Did I mention that I hate to move? It is so expensive and stressful to pull it all together. This week both of my children managed to schedule moving on the same weekend in two different towns! Good thing about it was that we used the same moving trailer for both moves. Bad thing is that it means getting two apartments situated with furniture, groceries, etc etc, all at once!
So that is why I have no art updates or photos to share for now. I hope to go on a photo taking trip around the college and mountains in the area today. So when I get home tomorrow night, I will share some photos.
Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon!


  1. Wow! that's so much work, are you going to sleep for 24hrs straight now?!

  2. time to sleep Sunny! I wish!


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