Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I am featured!

...in an Etsy Treasury...

A big thanks to Oakleafhollow , a fellow Arkansan on Etsy!

...as I mentioned earlier, in At Home in Arkansas June issue.

A sweet friend of mine found a copy of the magazine in another town and brought it to me! Here is a picture of front cover and my hearthomes! I'm pretty excited to be in print! You can probably tell by the goofy grin!


  1. So nice of your friend to get you a copy of the magazine.
    It must be so exciting to have your work published.
    I am so happy for you. Lovely photo of you.
    xx Dors

  2. congrats Beth!!!! this is wonderful....

  3. I am getting caught up on my blog reading so first of all - a big congratulations to you on your magazine feature!! It looks like a beautiful publication and you are in great company. I loved the other items that were featured as well as your houses. Also, congrats on the Etsy feature. Lots of great press these days!

    I can hear the echo of your woo-hoos and yippees all the way up here in Ottawa - school is out!! I hope you have a fantastic summer filled with lots of creative projects. My summer plans? I look forward to working on my art/business this summer. I am taking a break from teaching. I want to overhaul my website, start a line of reproductions, work on lots of originals for a show this fall as well as work on creating my on-line course. Oh and of course I will be gardening!

    I look forward to seeing what you get up to in the next months. Again, congratulations on the magazine coverage. I am sure you are thrilled (what with the "goofy grin" and all) and so you should be! :-)

  4. Thanks Dors! Yes it is great to have good friends!

    Thanks you Diane!

    Hi Teresa! Thanks for visiting and it sounds like you have a full schedule for this summer too!

  5. Congratulations, Beth! Your heart homes are wonderful!

  6. Cindy > ;)

    Thank you Elizabeth!

  7. Hi Beth,
    Congrats on being published! How exciting!! I'm a new aretsy groupie and just getting started on etsy.(Recently freed up a little time in my life...) Your work is fabulous and I wish you much continued success!!


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