Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This is why I Teach...

This is a note that one of my seniors wrote to me on her last day of class. I had Terri in class for 4 years. These little things are the joys that make the frustrations of teaching all worth it!

Thank a teacher...they really appreciate it.


  1. That's your "paycheck!" It's a wonderful thing to know you've inspired someone.

  2. so sweet. I know that must have meant so much to you Beth.

    Just beautiful. you are so appreciated.

  3. Thank you Elizabeth! It is a good feeling.

    Thank you Dors. It does!

  4. So Cool! I stand by what I said the other night about touching the lives of so is your way, and it shows.

    Way to Go Bethie!!!

  5. Thanks Toni! I appreciate that!


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