Thursday, April 16, 2009

Upcoming year of events...

This is my view on my way to work.

This year will be a year of milestones. I just started to realize how important this year will be, as far as milestones in my journey through life. I realized that I will have a 2 year blog anniversary coming up on May 3rd. So I started thinking about other anniversaries and events that will be occuring this year. Probably the most important one will be that my 25th wedding anniversary will happen this year! That will not happen for another 3 months, so I will talk more about that later. Another milestone, that I'm not so excited about at this point, is my next birthday is 'the' big one...but I won't discuss that until next January! I thought last year had big milestones with my oldest child turning 21 and my youngest child graduating from high school and going away to school! But this year could be just as important!
Since this is going to be such an eventful year, I want to plan some give-aways to celebrate. I will give more information soon. The 2 year blog anniversary is coming first, so I will give more details about my give-away soon. So please check back for more information. I will be taking names of readers who leave comments over the next few weeks until May 3rd. Please make sure you leave your name and a way to contact you!
What milestones have you achieved lately?
~ Beth


  1. Hello Beth! What a gorgeous view, it's so beautiful and calming.

    You have many exciting milestones and I congratulate you on all the wonderful things you've accomplished.

    Here's wishing you a year of happy happenings.

    Blessings - Debbie

  2. That is a big year! I have two big days coming up in May -- Our 5 year anniversary is May 8th and Emerson will turn 2 May 17th!!

  3. Hey that's a cool year..! Congrats on your anniversary..! Have posted after long break, do check it..!

  4. milestones . . . hmmmm . . . i'm coming up on my second year blog anniversary in july, just celebrated my 32nd wedding anniversary . . .

    congrats to you, beth!

  5. Thank you Debbie!

    Congrats on your anniversary coming up Lea! and Emerson's birthday will be fun!

    Thanks Sanghi!

    Hello Fannie! Congrats on your upcoming anniversaries too!


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