Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just doodling...

...on some little (mini) pieces this past week. I've been rearranging my art studio, so I didn't have a lot of time to draw, but I did sit down a finish a couple of little doodles that I started a week ago. I like to draw architecture and find myself doodling little houses alot. These are just fun little houses that I will call "Heart Homes". Maybe because I love to be home! I'm definitely a homebody! I would love to retire and stay home! Hopefully someday soon.

I'm planning to work on a portrait next. I also want to do a pair of paintings for the spare bedroom that is getting redecorated a little. So hopefully I will have something new soon.
What do you like the most about being home?



  1. Hey Beth!

    I love what you've been up to these days!

    I especially love that little "Heart House". It's such a cozy warm feeling that captures my heart.

    I'm a home body too although this tiny apartment is closing in on me these days. I may be looking for some part time work just to get me out some. We'll see...

    Blessings - Debbie

  2. Hi Beth...this cute house is as sweet as ever...and I love the name of the series...Heart Houses....I love being home and my favorite time of day is the time I spend creating in my studio...it is wonderful to live my creative dream!!!


  3. LOVE the little house drawing! So pretty.

    I like to be home too! Probably my favorite thing right now is just spending time with Emerson and Trey! Even though it was possible I would LOVE to sleep!!!

  4. Hi Debbie! I'm sure your new home will be so wonderful when its finished. Thanks for stoppy by!

    Hi Diana! Thanks. It is great that you can live your dream job!

    Hi Lea! Thanks for stoppy by. I'm sure being with Emerson is so fun at this age!

  5. Adorable heart house! When I'm at home I'm surrounded by all the people and things I love the most, that's what I love about being home.

  6. I love this little piece! It speaks to me ;-)

    I like being home so I can live on my own schedule. If I don't go to sleep til 2am, then I can sleep late. I hate forcing my body to do something it just won't do.

    I also see that much of the hustle and bustle of the business world is so unnecessary. There was a short ad on the history channel that said "Americans live to work, Spaniards work to live". I choose to work to live! Of course it helps that my husband works and pays the bills...I'm so spoiled.

  7. Thanks Sunny! I agree!

    Cindy, that is exactly why I look forward to retirement! Only wish I could retire this year! I love to stay up late and sleep late when I feel like it!


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