Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back to Work...

Love that Yellow Rubber Duck!
Prismacolor Pencils on Uart ATC
Beth S. Macre © 2009
...with colored pencils. This is one of my latest colored pencil drawings done for the ATC (Art Trading Card) exchange over at ScribbleTalk. I used a sample of the Uart paper with the 500 grit. I really liked this grit. It has just enough texture to really grab the color. You do go through the colored pencils with it, but the color goes down pretty fast. I did another one on 600 grit, similar to this one, but I think I like the 500 better.
By the way, this Yellow Rubber Duck ATC is going to Timbo from hambostamps.blogspot. Timbo is part of the creative team from 'Talk to the Ham'. Timbo and his wife sell stamps and have lots of creative ideas of what you can do with those stamps! So please check out their blog.

...After being out of school/work for 4 school days because of the ice storm, we went back to work today. It was a pretty normal day except many of our students, teachers, and administrators still do not have power at home. Everyone understands how they feel. All of us have been there. We all have our power outage experiences. I think we've all learned to appreciate the conveniences that we expect to be available to us any time. Although I love the convenience and connections that come with the internet, that is one that I could do without...if I HAD to, but heat is one of those conveniences and comforts that would be difficult for me to do without!
What convenience or comforts do you value the most?
Hope you are warm and cozy wherever you are!


  1. I love the rubber duckie Beth!

    I need my hot water for a shower, electricity to grind the beans and make the coffee, and heat. I guess I wouldn't be a good pioneer woman. I could live without the internet, probably because I remember what it was like before computers. These kids today...

    Also, glad you avoided serious damage to your house with the storm. Geez, that's scary though.

  2. Thanks Paula! I need that hot water too!
    Haha, I remember before computers and cell phones! My students didn't believe that!

  3. Beth! So glad you commented on my blog. I have enjoyed reading yours tonight! She is getting big and is miss personality extradionaire!!! Miss you! Hope things are going well. I still want you to do some stuff to Em's room but just don't know what yet!

  4. Thanks for the plug Beth and more importantly thanks for the duck!! Look forward to put it in my growing collection...this will be number 2.

  5. Mine convenience would have to be indoor plumbing....can you imagine going to the outhouse at 2am?? My grandmother had an outhouse when I was little.

    Love the duckie!!!

  6. Hi Lea! Thanks for stopping by! Just let me know when you decide what you want!

    Your Welcome Tim! Glad mine is part of your collection.

    Hi Cindy! Ah, indoor plumbing is definitely a must have convenience! Thankfully that doesn't take electricity! I've been in a few of those myself and they are NOT pleasant!


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