Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Holiday Preparations...

My daughter and I decorated her homemade snowflake cookies this afternoon. This is a new cookie for her to make and we thought they turned out very pretty. This could become a new holiday tradition for us. Are you changing or adding any holiday traditions this year?


  1. Those are pretty! I'd ask how you make them but I'm a terrible baker! Just the old traditions for us this year.

  2. Lovely... thanks for tagging me here.. Love yours. Enjoy Art blogging!

  3. Thanks Sunny! My daughter baked them, so they are even better...and easier!

    Thanks Sanghi. And your welcome. thanks for visiting.

  4. Good looking cookies! This is the second year in a row we drove around and did the "Tacky Lights" tour. We were always hesitant before but it puts us in the Christmas spirit. So that will be on our list now.

  5. Wow, those are really beautiful Beth!

    We're doing the same old thing here, although I do have one more cat to hang a stocking for, so I guess that's something new!

  6. Tim, That is a great tradition! Especially with the kids. When I was young, that was one of our traditions on Christmas Eve. Thanks for stopping by!

    Paula, sounds like you have also been busy in the kitchen! Glad to hear that you have a new addition to your family. Thanks for stopping by!


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