Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Clay Tile

Last week I posted a picture of this tile before it went into the kiln. This is how it turned out. This little cottage garden was inspired this summer when I was in France. As we were driving through the country and the villages, I noticed that many of the homes had flower boxes and pretty gardens, and they all had shutters on the windows. I have always been interested in architecture and I had plenty to look at in France. I have many reference pictures that I hope to use for future drawings and possibly more tiles. It is now in my Etsy Shop.
Garden House Tile
Beth S. Macre
© 2008


  1. Great piece Beth! Know what you mean about architecture, puts me in a creative mood.

  2. oh beth.. great tile! reads like a childrens book... how fun!

  3. Thank you Timbo and TJ. Thanks for stopping by!


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