Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Packing for the Trip!

I'm excited about a few things...I have two more days to work for this school year! And I have 6 days until I leave for France! The end of school is always great! By this time of year, we all need a break from our routine of lesson plans, duty, school activities, and the students and teachers need a break from each other. But the excitement of packing for my trip makes this end of school year very different. Usually I'm making lists of things to do around the house for the summer, but I haven't even started that list. I've been getting together luggage, wardrobe, passport, and money for this trip. So I don't have any new art right now, but hopefully when I return from 'the trip' I will have lots of ideas and reference photos to work from. Here is a photo of the Eiffel tower (obviously) in 2004 when my daughter went to France. (Look familiar Sarah?)

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