Saturday, May 10, 2008

Final Fish Tile...For now...

This is the last fish tile for now. I fired the last load of pottery at school Friday and this came out today. It is similar to the last one, except it is long and rectangular, instead of square like the others. It is similar to the others, as far as the texture showing up with the addition of black glaze in the textured marks on the clay. The colors are very hard to get to show up accurately. I think the original has more vivid colors, but when I adjust those, the darker areas get too dark. The fish have evolved since I started them last year. So I hope you have enjoyed seeing the fish tile series. I've enjoyed creating them. Now on to some colored pencil painting...for now.

"Love is Blind"
Glazed Clay
Beth S. Macre © 2008


  1. Love is Blind is colorful, whimsical and fun. Great work, Beth.

    Happy Mother's Day.

  2. Thank you Fannie. Happy Mother's Day to you too!

  3. Hey Beth, thanks for the comment, I've been meaning to get over here and check up on you and MY OH MY what a wonderful sight to behold! I just absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these tiles! I'm pretty much goo goo gaa gaa at this point!!!

    I answered you over on my blog but thought I'd post here just in case you don't get a chance to come back for my reply. It really has been crazy busy! And as for my pottery studio, it's going in the walkout basement and I can't wait! I have not picked up my colored pencils since my brief sketch of Kato and as a matter of fact I trashed the little monkey in Texas.

    My Mother-in-law was from Walnut Ridge. When she was on her own she lived in Imboden near Pocahontas. And the counties those areas represent are Randolph and Lawrence counties. Where abouts do you live?

  4. Thank you Debbie. I've really been wanting to do more with clay lately. Maybe someday I will have more time for that, but then I will need a small kiln.


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