Saturday, May 31, 2008

A few squeezed in...

Now that school is out for the year, I can concentrate on my art. I'm getting ready for my trip to France, but I did manage to finished a few ACEOs this week. As soon as I get back from my trip I will be listing these on Ebay or Etsy. I've just recently opened a store on Etsy. I'm still learning what all Etsy has and can do, but I like what I've seen so far, although I haven't sold anything on it yet. I like the fact that everything on Etsy is handmade. It is a site that supports artists and helps them to make a living from their art...or at least to suplement their incomes. So I'm going to give it some time to see how it goes. I will try to have more information about it after my trip.

"Single Cherry"
Beth S. Macre © 2008
3 1/2" x 2 1/2"
Colored pencil on watercolor paper

This little cherry is just a study of the cherry that went into the Bowl of Cherries. That piece was done on pastelbord and this one is on watercolor paper. I believe that I enjoy the pastelbord much better than the watercolor paper.

"Home Sweet Home Plate" Sold
3 1/2" x 2 1/2"
Beth S. Macre © 2008
Colored Pencil on Watercolor paper
This is another ACEO drawing in the baseball series. I've done several baseballs over the past couple of years. The original baseball drawing included 9 baseballs, called "The Baseball Team". Since I started the ACEOs series of baseballs, I've created single baseballs in various places on the field. You can find one here, here, and here.


  1. I'm truly enjoying your wonderful works of art!

    My girlfriend Rachel (I took a pottery class she offered) sells her tiles on etsy and she is doing so good with her sales there. I'd say she's been selling there going on 2 years or so now. You can find her spot in etsy by clicking the link below.

  2. Oh, And I forgot, ENJOY your trip, I'll be thinking about you!

  3. Thanks Debbie. Your friend Rachel is doing very well. That is great! And I will enjoy the trip. Thanks for thinking of me.


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