Friday, January 11, 2008

The Lone Cherry

" The Lone Cherry"
Prismacolor on Ersta Paper
Last summer I took a workshop at the annual CPSA convention under Linda Lucas Hardy. She uses an artist sandpaper for many of her beautiful colored pencil paintings. Part of the day, we worked on these cherries. I loved working on this paper and was pretty pleased with the results of my cherry. I plan to do some more cherries sometime, so my cherry will not be so lonely anymore. Hardy used to use Ersta paper, but now uses an archival version of this paper from the same company. The new paper is called Uart . This paper comes in different grits.
This week has been busy at work, so I don't have an update on the previous post yet, but I hope to have one this weekend. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh, yummy Beth! I can't wait to see you do more work on the sanded paper. Great color.

    I would have loved to have taken her workshop...this year I am planning to do John Smolko's workshop.

  2. This is beautiful Beth!
    What kind of pencils did you use?

  3. Thank you Cindy. I would love to take Smolko's workshop, but I don't think I will be able to go this year. :-(

    Thanks Paula. I used Prismacolor on this. It was fun to do. I loved the ersta paper.

  4. I read an article about Linda Lucas Hardy, her drawings are sensational !

    Your cherry is simply beautiful.

  5. Thank you Catherine. Linda is very talented.


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