Monday, January 21, 2008

Could be a Tree...

"Tree of Colors"
Prismacolors on Colourfix
A week ago, I posted a small part of this drawing. I'm sure it was probably obviously a part of a tree...and yes I seem to be doing trees alot lately. So here is the whole piece. I finally had time to work on it yesterday. Its not quite finished though. I need to go back and punch up some of the colors in the background. Right now it looks a little more pastel than I wanted. So I'm going to finish this and try to move on to something besides trees. Maybe even do a still life...or a much to chose from, so little time!


  1. Very nice...."tree" lady! ;-) Love the orange swath through it with the purples and blues.

  2. I love your art blog! I didn't know you kept one, but now I will check it often.

    Sorry I didn't stop by the house before I left, but things got kinda crazy with packing a getting ready to leave. I hope everything ironed out for Jess.

    Paris is so wonderful. I hope y'all are here long enough to really enjoy it.

    Keep in touch!--S

  3. Thanks Cindy!

    Hi Sarah! Glad you stopped in!

  4. Nice piece, Beth. The swirl of colors vibrate behind the leafless tree. There almost seems to be a secondary painting in the background. Interesting and imaginative.

  5. This tree is really alive, that is my impression when I see the contrasts and colours behind its branches.

  6. Thank you Fannie and Catherine.


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