Thursday, December 27, 2007

Time to Relax!...a little.

Now that the rush of getting ready for Christmas, traveling to visit relatives, and having relatives over for Christmas day is over, I finally have a little time to relax...a little bit. There is plenty to do around here. I have to put away the decorations that were so carefully put out only a few weeks ago. I also need to get organized for the new year. But I am taking a few days to just relax and take it in. That is what Radar, the Papillion in the photo, is good at...just taking it all in. Here he is perched on the back of my mom's couch, in the sunshine, just watching he doesn't miss a thing!
I did spend some time yesterday organizing my art studio clutter. I actually filled a trashbag with old items that I never use. I should probably get rid of a lot more, never know when I might need a few hundred envelopes, or three jars of paintbrushes, or half a dozen plastic tubs to put water in for painting! Or some of the old Artists Magazines from the last 5 years. Why do I keep them? Honestly, I don't know. Sometimes I do take a years worth of old magazines to work and let my students look through them, but I don't think they get as much out of them. Maybe I could donate them to a local doctor's office and inspire someone to paint or draw. Well, I better get back to my...relaxing.


  1. Hi Beth ! I wish to congratulate you for your works, your pen and ink portraits are simply wonderful !
    I wish you a Happy New Year 2008 !

  2. Radar has the right idea. My cats do the same thing. Just sit and watch me work. ha!

    I'm "relaxing" too. The tree came down today, I swept up all the needles (@#^*~), put away the decorations, and now have to stuff the boxes in the closet. I'm also trying to make something out of the leftovers ~ still.
    But yes, its nice to not have to have my hair combed or smile and be pleasant all day. :~) That is itself IS very relaxing.

  3. Thank you Catherine and happy New Year to you too!

    Paula, haha. I put on makeup for the first time today since Christmas Day. Decorations are put away and couch and fireplace have been very inviting this week!

  4. What? . . . We're supposed to comb our hair and smile every day? Uh-oh. And put on makeup too? ;-D Kidding, Paula and Beth.

    Sounds like we're in the same mode. Cleaning my office and getting rid of old books too.

    Here's to a creative and successful New Year and another opportunity to refill our bookshelves, with hair combed, makeup on, and smiles, of course. ;-D

  5. I made a comment on this the other day...but it must have disappeared into cyberspace...or it's on somebody else's blog.

    I just wanted to say enjoy relaxing! You deserve it......

  6. Haha Fannie! What do you do with your old books? I've got some to clear out too.

    Cindy,maybe it was the previous post here? Well thanks for commenting and don't we all need time to relax, especially after Christmas.

  7. Hi, Beth,
    I'm right down the street from you and have a bad magazine habit, too (can't throw away a Lapidary Journal, Atlantic Monthly, etc.). But stick some of those art/drawing magazines in my mailbox - I love to read them - I draw all the time although I certainly don't show anything to anyone.
    Do you ever do cat portraits?
    Donna - Cluny

  8. Hi Donna,
    You really are right down the street from me, aren't you? I will get some of those magazines to you.
    I haven't tried a cat portrait before. Maybe I could try one for you?
    Thanks for stopping by. Maybe I'll see you out...or driving by when it warms up.


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