Sunday, June 3, 2007

Summer Break is here...finally!

Well finally school is out. The school year lasts about 9 1/2 months and summer lasts a mere 9 weeks for teachers. That 9 weeks will fly by! I love my time off during the summer. Things slow down quite a bit around here. I do tend to sleep a little later, but I also stay up a little later (or wake up in the middle of the night like now). I often make a list of things to do for the summer. Usually things like serious spring (summer) cleaning of closets, garage, and an annual purging in the art studio. My art studio consists of a small room without a closet that is full of furniture to try to compensate for the tons of art supplies that I 'can't live without'. There are supplies in there that I have had for years, but I can't throw them out because: 1. I may need them... 2. They were not cheap in the first place... 3. If I can't use them, maybe someone else can. So the dilemma is always an art studio that is too crowded. So Monday I will start to go through old supplies to make room for the new ones that I will buy during the next year.

Of course I need those supplies so I can create works of art...because I have to. Many artists say they paint or draw or create things because they have to. I put myself into that category of artists. I don't paint or draw to make a living...that is why I teach. But I paint and draw because I feel like if I do not 'create' artwork, then I'm not living up to my potential. I guess I define myself with my art. I am an artist, even though I do not sell my art on a daily basis. Although I would, if it were easier for artists to make a living with their art. The average non-artist does not appreciate the value of artist as professionals. Understandably, the average person cannot pay alot of money for original art. Of course that is a subject that is discussed by artists all the time. How to earn a decent living on your art based on what your art is worth. So artists are looking for new ways to market their works. The internet seems to be a good tool for artists. Even that is changing constantly. There seems to be 'new' websites all the time to change the way we market our work. I am in the early stages of this new technology. Hopefully one day, I too will be able to make a living off my art, not just supplement my teaching income. So along with the cleaning of closets, drawers, and the studio, I must begin my summer routine of drawing and painting to use up some of those supplies, so that I can reach my be recognized as a professional artist...not just an art teacher.

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  1. These are neat Beth! I like them and I'm not even into baseball (how un-American is THAT?).

    And its harder to do a perfect "round" than people realize, isn't it?
    Nice job!


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